Market Reports

    Keeping pace with the business environment, we publish custom, syndicated market reports that include detailed statistical analysis and exploration of market dynamics and trends that provide a holistic picture of the industry. We employ best-practice models and research methodologies developed over 35 years, as well as comprehensive market analysis to ensure each report provides accurate market segmentation and insights.

    We combine comprehensive industry analysis with accurate estimates and forecasts; providing complete research solutions aimed at delivering maximum industry clarity for strategic decision making.

    We publish the following reports regularly:

    Oil Tanker Market

    • Oil Tanker Market - Short Term Outlook - Monthly

    • Oil Tanker Market - Medium Term Outlook - Quarterly

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    Gas Carrier Market

    • VLGC Market - Short Term Outlook - Monthly

    • LPG Carrier Market - Medium Term Outlook - Quarterly

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    Chemical Carrier Market

    • Chemical Carrier World Fundamentals Report - Quarterly

    • Trade Bulletins

    • Global Chemicals Trade Data

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    Subscribers to our Chemical Carrier World service also receive regular monthly updates on commodity chemicals trade flows for the USA, China, N Asia, India and a number of key European countries.
    We also provide, freely available, Weekly Reports highlighting key developments affecting the oil, LPG, LNG and chemicals transportation market.

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