Due Diligence Acquisitions, on Contracts, Performance and Earnings

    A valuable risk management tool, Due Diligence, is a proactive and reactive process that gives the parties involved an opportunity to uncover contractual issues and unforeseen liabilities and make good faith efforts to analyse and respond to these risks. It can also be a process by which acquisition opportunities may be assessed.

    As part of minimising contract risk, we ensure that there are clear and unambiguous provisions to cover issues such as laytime and demurrage, custody transfer, documentary requirements and vessel performance. As part of our work on Commercial Operations, we also assist clients with any potential claims following breaches of contractual terms. In this way we aim to assist our clients in preventing Profit Leakage. We have assisted oil and shipping companies on such matters.


    RLA has a number of Shipowning Clients who, at various times have asked us to assist in ensuring that any potential documentary risk is minimised.


    The process may involve more than one document and include, as examples, charter parties, management and Pool agreements. We look to ensure consistency across all documents and recommend amendments to remove any ambiguities and unforeseen contract risk to which the Client might be exposed.

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