Fleet & Cargo Coverage Strategy

    Our Fleet & Cargo strategy activities develop coverage strategies that help optimise transportation costs by analysing and deciding on vessel sizes that are best suited to the volume and distribution of trade, along with providing potential chartering and ownership options. We also provide advice on current and future trade patterns that can assist cargo owners in taking deployment related decisions and planning chartering strategies

    Our client, a leading international oil producer based out of South America approached us with two objectives. The first was to better understand what vessel sizes would be best suited to their cargo and the second was to optimise their transportation costs.


    Our team looked at the physical attributes of the loading areas to check the optimal vessel size and calculated the approximate cost they would incur. We examined future design parameters for various sizes of oil tankers, including the structure and design characteristics of the existing fleet and new order book; the employment patterns for these ship types; future trade developments; the constraints imposed on design parameters by port facilities in key trades and the commercial issues determining vessel design.

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