Pool Organisation & Revenue Distribution Systems

    Shipowners often see the attainment of ‘critical mass’ as the best way of maximising voyage earnings. This means having commercial control of sufficient numbers of vessels to achieve greater market coverage, meet the requirements of the biggest charterers, offer contracts of affreightment and increase market intelligence. In this way their aim is to achieve better utilisation of their fleets by taking the best advantage of ‘backhaul’ and ‘triangular trading’ opportunities.

    Achieving critical mass may be done in a number of ways; through huge investments in tonnage, possibly in combination with chartering in some ships; through acquisition or mergers or the formation of Pools where two or more Owners enter an agreement for their ships to be commercially operating as a single unit. Over the past 35 years, RLA has helped set up market-leading shipping pool revenue distribution systems. We have developed systems and undertaken due diligence projects for Pools operating tanker sizes from small intra-regional vessels up to VLCCs, covering variously bulk liquid chemicals, petroleum products and crude oil; dry bulk carriers and LPG carriers.

    The systems we develop have evolved over the years; particularly as increasingly stringent emissions standards come into force. For example, today’s systems need to account for differentiations which arise from the installation of scrubbers, BWTS and alternative dual fuel engines.


    The challenge is to develop an equitable and transparent system for distributing the profits from the Pool back to the participating Owners in a way which is truly reflective of the relative earnings capabilities of the individual vessels in the Pool.


    With our extensive commercial and operational experience and time-tested approach, we help deliver transparent and independent systems acceptable to all Pool Members. Through the allocation of ‘Pool Points’, a system that should be clearly described and included in Pool Agreements, RLA has helped set up market-leading shipping pool revenue distribution systems by working with Pool Members in putting together mutually acceptable terms and conditions and practical systems that help generate high value for the pool partners. In many instances, our services to Pools go beyond providing independently generated revenue distribution systems. We also assist in data verification and providing additional advice on the best approach to meet the specific needs of individual Pools. Currently, we manage the revenue distribution systems of eight market-leading pools. We have also been asked on a number of occasions to review and advise on existing Revenue Distribution systems developed internally by other Pools

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