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    Chemical Carrier World

    An annual consultancy service that includes an Annual Fundamentals Report, a Forecast Update, two quarterly Market Monitors, Monthly Commodity Trade Bulletins for key countries, an annual presentation on the market outlook and access to our consultant’s and analysts to discuss issues arising from these reports.

    • Main Economic Indicators and Oil Prices
    • Chemical Carrier Demand- Fully Quantified for Each Year in the Forecast
    • Chemical Carrier Supply; Specifically Vessels Actually Trading and Likely to Trade in the Sector, including Forecasts of Annual Deliveries and Removals
    • Quantified Supply and Demand Balances for Each Year in the Forecast
    • Assessments and Forecasts of Earnings and Freight Rates on a Route by Route Basis
    • Forecasts of Product Carrier Earnings
    • Comprehensive Information and Assessments of Individual Chemical Plant Developments
    • Supply and Demand for Each Main Product by Country/Area
    • Detailed Data and Forecasts of Chemicals and Trades by Product, Product Group, and By Country/Area and Route

    CCW Subscriptions

    • Chemical Carrier World (CCW) Market Report - Quarterly

    • Trade Bulletins

    • Global Chemicals Trade Data

    CCW Team

    Charles Lawrie
    Harman Saini

    Subscribers to our Chemical Carrier World service also receive regular monthly updates on commodity chemicals trade flows for the USA, China, N Asia, India and a number of key European countries.
    We also provide, freely available, Weekly Reports highlighting key developments affecting the oil, LPG, LNG and chemicals transportation market.

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