Specialist Services

RLA provides a wide range of specialist management services that complement our retainer and business consulting services.


We have wide experience of the structure and composition of Contracts of Affreightment (CoA). These can range from those in the small parcel multi-grade speciality chemical tanker trades to large volume commodity chemical, CPP tanker and gas transportation contracts.

RLA offers the 'Private Client CoA Review Service' to enable charterers to :

Please note that our reviews are not directly concerned with freight rates, demurrage rates or any other particular monetary item. But RLA can offer advice on these items if requested.

The Review Service is offered at two levels:


Examples of our expertise and experience of due diligence work includes :


RLA has successfully developed pool organisation and revenue distribution systems for a number of oil tanker and chemical carrier operating pools. These provide Clients with a robust and equitable system for net revenue distribution that can readily be described and is transparent to vessel owners. They can be used to evaluate new vessels coming into the fleet, which leaves the commercial operators free to optimise pool schedules to the benefit of all parties. It also helps to ensure that management time and resources used on the discussion of revenue distribution are minimised and facilitate agreement with the parties. Examples include :

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