Fundamentals of Bunker Supply, Demand, Pricing & Operations (BF1)

TIMING & VENUES: 15-16 June 2015, London. UK
ORGANISED BY: RLA in association with The Oxford Princeton Programme
INFORMATION: The bunker industry has become increasing challenging for all players. Residual fuel supplies are in decline as more and more of the oil barrel is cracked to produce lighter transportation fuels at a time when demand is rising again with the slow recovery in the global economy. The quality of bunker supplies has become an increasing issue and the lowering of sulphur limits in Emission Control Areas, effective 1 January 2015 will present an additional challenge to ship operators. Future pricing of bunker fuels also looks less certain following the decline in oil prices in the second half of 2014 raising the risks to both buyers and sellers.
This is an intensive two day course covering bunker fuel demand and supply, pricing, physical and paper trading, legislation, blending and testing for quality. Presentations by a team of experienced industry experts are combined with an exercise and case study as part of the training experience.
THOSE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED: Anyone involved in the planning, buying and selling of bunker fuels, physical and paper traders, brokers and ship operators – or participants whose organisations offer services to this industry.
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