A Practical Understanding of Commercial Risks in Laytime and Demurrage (TDL)

TIMING & VENUES: 2 day training programme. 11-12 June 2015 Singapore and 17-18 June 2015, London. UK
ORGANISED BY: RLA in association with The Oxford Princeton Programme
INFORMATION: Demurrage is a topic which generates a lot of heat. In real life it can be the cause of major disputes, achieving resolution can be very resource intensive and yet the cost of overlooking claims can be considerable.

The objectives of the course are to aid understanding of the commercial risks associated with laytime and demurrage in shipping and oil sales contracts, help minimise these commercial risks, clarify some of the more important issues and help improve the speed and efficiency of claims handling to the benefit of all concerned. Course content includes the essential elements of voyage charter parties, the choice of law, time bars, arbitration, dispute resolution, load port lay time, arrived ship, notice of readiness, discharge port lay time, pumping warranties, bad weather, lighterage, crude oil washing, document claims, FOB/CIF contracts, trading, pro-rating between cargoes, comparisons of different charter parties. The course includes numerous case studies to illustrate specific points.
THOSE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED: Commercial operations and chartering executives, demurrage analysts, claims personnel, traders, terminal operators
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