LNG Shipping – The Centre of Global Gas Supplies (TDLNG)

TIMING & VENUES: 25-27 March 2015 Singapore and 24-26 November 2015 Oxford, UK
ORGANISED BY: RLA in partnership with The Oxford Princeton Programme
INFORMATION: LNG transportation accounts for some 10% to 30% of total LNG supply chain costs from upstream gas production through to terminalling and regasification on the import side. Both figuratively and physically it is central to the LNG supply chain and the safe, efficient execution of LNG supply contracts
This intensive 3 day course is designed to take participants through all of the commercial, technical, operating, legislative and legal issues affecting the marine transportation of LNG from export to import terminal. This is accomplished through a combination of presentations, exercises and case studies under the direction of a team of expert speakers with practical experience of the LNG industry and shipping. The aim is to give participants the ability to assess opportunities and manage operational and commercial risks in LNG shipping.
THOSE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED: Commercial and financial specialists, operators, planners and analysts working in shipping companies. Sales, marketing and commercial personnel from LNG producers, suppliers and importers - for example, national producer companies, international oil and gas
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